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Why you might need a Molle belt

Whether you are an outdoors enthusiast, an avid hunter, or just want to be prepared: you have probably heard of Molle combat belts. But what are they? Well, you probably have a lot of equipment you want to have easy access to while you’re outdoors. Molle belts are made to fit your needs: these belts have various loops on them so you can attach a whole plethora of pouches and holsters. The things you can attach to a Molle belt range from simple things like a phone pouch to holsters to carry firearms and their accessories.

Why not just use a backpack?

While a backpack will hold way more than a Molle belt a Molle belt should still be part of even your most bare-bones outdoor kit. With a Molle belt you will have easy access to everything. There are quite a few situations in which a Molle combat belt can even save your life. If you have accidentally wandered too close to a mother bear and she considers you to be a threat to her young she will attack you. Bears are incredibly fast runners, especially when they think their children are in danger. You do not have time to dig around in your backpack to find your bear spray. You need the bear spray FAST. With a Molle combat belt you can attach the bear spray to your belt when you are in an area with bears, and you’ll have your bear spray ready before the bear gets you.

Molle combat belts will give you convenience

While convenience is not a goal of the outdoors lifestyle it is still something you should consider. If you are going on a long trip it might be tempting to take everything you could potentially need, but taking more than one can carry is a rookie mistake that gets a lot of adventurers. A Molle belt will allow you to have everything you need on your body, while you can leave your backpack filled with less necessary items at camp.